Challenge and Motivation: Math Competitions motivate students via interesting and challenging problems and topics. Many of them make learning math more fun among peers with similar interests.
Problem Solving Skills: Math Competitions help students develop and improve problem-solving skills which helps in high school, college and careers as a lifelong skill.
College Applications: Participation and success in Math competitions is a great bonus in the application for top colleges. For example, Caltech and MIT applications specifically ask students AMC 10/12 and AIME scores.
PiMC will be offered in two divisions (elementary and middle school students) in 2022 and three divisions (elementary, middle and high school students) in 2023. Euler division is for elementary school students (3rd-5th grades). Fermat division is for middle school students (6th - 8th grades).
Yes, PiMC is online and timed. Both divisions are 25 multiple-choice questions. The time limit is 40 minutes.
You don't have to register through your school/test center. PiMC is offered to individuals. Parents/guardians of students may/should register to the contest from the home page. You may fill in your child’s school’s name when registering (Please note: We do not communicate this information to the school).
Yes, it is $20 per student.
Each student login info is automatically generated by the system when the student information is uploaded to the PiMC account.
When your student is ready to take the online test, he or she can click the “Login” link on the PiMathContest.com menu bar to get started. The online testing window begins on April 7, 2022, (12:01 am Central Time) , and the test can be administered anytime until April 11, 2022, (11:59 pm Central Time).
Please note, all students DO NOT have to take the test at the same time.
Close the browser window no answers will be lost because the system records the answer of each question when they click Next.
Re-open the browser and log back in.
When the student re-opens the test, the questions that are already answered will be marked blue.
Yes, please check out the sample/archive section.
Calculators are NOT allowed.